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Our Financing Options:

We partnered with two big financing companies to provide you our valued customer with a peace of mind when it gets to paying for a big bill, like when you need an urgent AC system replacement, or even a minor repair. Each company offers a unique way of financing*.

"Square" offers installments up to 12-Months, while "ftl-finance" offers different products up to 84-months.

Please note that when applying; the company may have to check your credit. Although at the primary application there might be a "SOFT" inquiry that will not affect your credit score, we recommend that when you apply, please take the time to read all the information, including the fine prints -if any- on the financing company website.

When you click on the button, you will be taken to the financing company website which will open in a new window.

Pay Over Time with Square Installments
Pay Over Time with FTL Finance

*Fees applied to the plan (if any) will be paid by the applicant.

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